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The Rhône Prefecture is located in the 6th District of Lyon (69006) along the Rhone River. This district is renowned for its quality of life, with many opulent buildings in which a number of Lyon's more affluent citizens live. This personality becomes even stronger the closer we get to the Parc de la Tête d'or. Apart from these characteristic buildings, there are few examples of remarkable architectural in the neighborhood, except for the Prefecture, which deserves a more detailed description and is definitely worth a visit.

Built in 1890 this is a classified historic monument. Headquarters Department of the Rhone it houses the Prefecture itself with the Prefect and his administration and the assembly department of the General Council. The General Council, representative institution founded in 1790 by Louis XVI as well as prefects and their administration established in 1800 by the First Consul Bonaparte had their location vary in Lyons during the nineteenth century in various buildings on the peninsula until that under the Third Republic had decided to build a new Prefecture.

Thus on 30 April 1879 the General Council of Rhône decided to build the new Prefecture in choosing this location on the left bank of the Rhone and property of the Hospices Civils de Lyon. The construction was entrusted to the chief architect of the Department, Antonin Louvier who led the project from 1883 to 1890. The building was inaugurated on 18 August 1890 in the presence of the Prefect Jules Cambon and President Rebatel Fleury, future father-in-law of Edouard Herriot, political personality that marked the public life of Lyon and France in the 3rd and 4th republic.

This building, now known as "Hotel of the Department" is a building stone with a wide porch and a ramp for vehicles. The style matches that which was in vogue at the time with column "in ancient and roof" at the Mansart. The decoration of the building is varied and plentiful, both in the field of sculpture as the mural.

Indeed we can see the sculpture that adorns the facade of the ground floor to the roof. The sculptor Lyons, Louis Martin, was the source of this male face, rugged and bearded man who speaks in the center, the Rhone and on each side faces of these young women whose features evoke the Saône and Azergues. Between the doors, the sculptor Pierre Aubert had included in bronze medallions, some of the wealth as the regional railroad with a locomotive, the silk industry with a loom, skippers a boat and with different attributes representing the fine arts. We will not fail to admire the many sculptures that adorn the facade and the monuments that inspire the gardens.

The interior does not lack either interest and sculpture continues, this monumental time in the vaulted atrium, space punctuated by a series of columns. The decor is complemented by various pieces of valuable porcelain and statues. The grand staircase in two flights, the vaults anses baskets, led the first floor, a majestic row of lounges apparat.

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