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Lyon districts

Lyon districts

Lyon 1

As in most large urban areas, the 1st District of Lyon is home to the city's Hotel de Ville (‘City Hall'). Located in the northern part of the Presqu'île peninsula, this neighborhood stretches east to west between the Rhône and Saône Rivers. Its northern boundary with the 4th District is found at the top of the Croix Rousse Hill at Boulevard de la Croix Rousse.

Lyon 2

In the southern part of Lyon's Presqu'île peninsula, the 2nd District borders the 1st District in the vicinity of Saint-Nizier Church. The interior of this fifteenth century church is a fine example of the Gothic Flamboyant style.

Lyon 3

The left bank of the Rhône is punctuated by three districts running from north to south: the 6th, 3rd and 7th Districts. The 3rd District stretches across the middle part of this formerly marshy area between Cours Lafayette and Cours Gambetta. It has recently become a dynamic business district.

Lyon 4

Croix-Rousse Hill and the 4th District (69004) would almost be synonymous if the southern slopes of the hill between the Saône and the Rhône were not part of the 1st District. The Croix-Rousse neighborhood, with its rich history of silk weaving, still typifies this district and the cultural activities that are a vibrant part of this "Croix-Rousse" spirit largely reflect this history.

Lyon 5

Lyon's 5th District (69005) features Fourvière Hill, the banks of the Saône at the foot of the hill and Vieux Lyon (‘Old Lyon'). This hill, whose steep slopes literally plunge into the Saône in some areas, testifies to the city's ancient history, as here we can find the largest number of remains of the Gallo-Roman civilization.

Lyon 6

The small-sized 6th District (69006) is Lyon's "chic" neighborhood, the equivalent of the 16th District in Paris. Bordered on the west by the Rhône, separated from the 3rd District in the south by Cours Lafayette, it extends east to Villeurbanne near the old Brotteaux railway station. The northern part is home to Parc de la Tête d'Or.

Lyon 7

The southernmost district on the left bank of the Rhône, Lyon's 7th District (69007) lies between the Guillotière neighborhood at the edge of the 3rd District and Gerland area, with its park, stadium and the river port of Lyon.

Lyon 8

The 8th District of Lyon (69008) is a rather extensive area in the far eastern part of the city. It is bordered in the east by the city of Bron, and in the north by the limit of the 3rd District at Cours Albert Thomas and Rockefeller Avenue, where Edouard Herriot Hospital (formerly Grange Blanche), the Lyon Medical School and the Léon Bérard Cancer Research Center are located. To the west is the 7th District, whose boundary is marked with railway lines, and to the north we find Boulevard des Tchécoslovaques.

Lyon 9

Vaise is the very heart of the 9th District (69009), as both the neighborhood and its railway station are central to the area. Looking at its geography, we can see that it runs from Fourvière Hill to the Gorge de Loup neighborhood and along the right bank of the Saône River to the edges of the towns of Saint-Cyr-Au-Mont-D'Or and Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d'Or in the Chamvert and Saint-Rambert neighborhoods.

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