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Lyon's neighbourhood : Terreaux

Place des Terreaux, at the foot of the Croix Rousse hill in the heart of Lyon's 1st District (69001), could today be called Place de l'Hôtel de Ville (‘City Hall Square') if it had not been marked by a long history along with other districts of Lyon. The City Hall of Lyon, designed by Simon Maupin in the mid-seventeenth century, one of the iconic monuments of the neighborhood, overlooks this square. A large rectangular building consisting of four pavilions and a central court of honor, its architecture was later modified by Jules Hardoin-Mansart, the architect of Versailles.

In the center of the administrative life of the city, close to the Opera House located just behind the city hall, the place of Terreaux has many assets that make it a gathering place of Lyon spontaneously whenever it is necessary celebrate a local or national event.

The history of this place is no less interesting because it is marked by the installation of various monuments also very interesting. Under the Roman occupation was still a muddy-d 'where the "soil" - near walls and ditches to protect the north of the city between the Saône and Rhône. Later, in the sixth century founded the Abbey of Saint-Pierre with the Benedictine convent of the Dames de Saint-Pierre in the south of the current position. This abbey was transformed in the middle of the seventeenth century and the medieval buildings are giving way to the Palais Saint-Pierre became the Museum of Fine Arts in 1862. It is also the time where space is paved and which are held executions like that of Cinq-Mars and de Thou in 1642.

The rich and the bourgeoisie in the eighteenth century settled in this neighborhood to make room Terreaux instead of "fashionable", it has remained since with its cafes and terraces. Add great work in the eighteenth century to the approval of the place and the area through the creation of the Rue de la République, then known as Imperial Street, and streets Chenavard Paul and Edouard Herriot who all liaison with the Place Bellecour.

Finally we can not leave the place Terreaux classified a historical monument in 1995, without admiring the fountain of Bartholdi, creator of the Statue of Liberty, the Char of Liberty. " Originally done for the city of Bordeaux and finally commissioned by the city of Lyon in 1889 this fountain symbolizes the Garonne River and its four tributaries that empty into the ocean! Installed in 1892 after a stint in the Universal Exhibition in Paris it will be moved in 1992 because of the work of parking and the development of the site by Christian Drevet and Daniel Buren. Column opposite the Palais Saint Pierre, mini fountains and lighting effects make this set a curiosity that tourists admire.

Do not miss thus adding to the pleasure of staying in this neighborhood than go through the summer, an evening on the terrace of a café where you can admire the architecture of this place des Terreaux.


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