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Lyon's 4th district

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Croix-Rousse Hill and the 4th District (69004) would almost be synonymous if the southern slopes of the hill between the Saône and the Rhône were not part of the 1st District. The Croix-Rousse neighbourhood, with its rich history of silk weaving, still typifies this district and the cultural activities that are a vibrant part of this "Croix-Rousse" spirit largely reflect this history.

Joseph Marie Jacquard was born in Lyon on 7 July 1752 and died on 7 August 1834 to Oullins. Stonecutter to Couzon, its fame is due to his idea that led to the creation of the "loom". The mechanics of this business obliges then silk weavers to leave the districts of Saint-Georges, Saint Paul and Saint John to the top of the hill cross-roussienne. The "canuts" continue tirelessly to invent in this field. The names of Duchamp, and other Pacachard marked the development of these techniques. Francis I has granted the privilege to Lyon in the manufacture of cloth of gold, silver and silk. Lyon then became the capital of silk, know-how or canuts Lyon silk has been recognized worldwide.

Traces of canuts are visible at the Croix-Rousse in two interesting places: the House of Canuts 10-12 rue d'Ivry, Lyon only place where you can see the Jacquard loom by hand and the association Soieries Living 21 rue Richan that will allow you to enter genuine family weaving workshops in the heart of this district, home of the Lyon silk in the 19th century and in a genre most recent visit Atelier Municipal Trimmings with weaving and braids woven images. You can see demonstrations on beautiful looms of the 19th century. It weaves together up to 18 gallons of gold and silver and you can learn all of the trimmings that means regarding the decoration of clothing or furniture (embroidery, cords, braids, ribbons, etc. ).

La Croix-Rousse is also in the dynamics that makes Lyon a cultural capital while preserving and respecting the spirit to cross-roussiens. The cultural and festive diversify into the district whose reputation is that of a neighborhood where residents enjoy a young population that could almost be called "trendy". A report in this spirit, the existence and activities of the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse recently upgraded to "National Scene," the new Bibliothèque de la Croix-Rousse and the Villa Gillet.

Finally, the 4th district and its people have some difficulties to "digest" the recent loss (June 2007) a "monument", the "Gros Caillou". Le Gros Caillou, which had found its place by the end of the nineteenth century home, was moved 30m and it went in the 1st arrondissement. Always the Croix-Rousse, however! And to the delight of its inhabitants and its visitors. This block moraine glaciers transported from the Alps in the nineteenth century erected as "monument" obstructing the future of a new plaza that is among the most beautiful views over the city of Lyon, the city and the Alps.

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