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Lyon 9th

Lyon's 9th district

The team's favorites

  • Living neighbourhood
  • Lots of markets
  • Lots of restaurants and shops
  • Close to big lines
  • Bank of the Saône's promenade
  • Quick access to the city center
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Vaise is the very heart of the 9th District (69009), as both the neighborhood and its railway station are central to the area. Looking at its geography, we can see that it runs from Fourvière Hill to the Gorge de Loup neighborhood and along the right bank of the Saône River to the edges of the towns of Saint -Cyr-Au-Mont D'Or and Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d'Or in the Chamvert and Saint-Rambert neighborhoods. La Duchère, a neighborhood located on the hill near Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or, is characterized by apartment towers built for the working classes, a type of housing made popular when vertical construction was the norm. Today, the city is carrying out ambitious projects to renovate the area.

Whether it's at the door of Vaise, the area around the station, or the door Valvert the limits of the municipality of the district Ecully is also the center of several road crossings to allow entry into Lyon from the north and its circumvention. 1996 saw the arrival of TEO, a bypass toll motorway which allows for the opening of the borough by the East. The deferral of a portion of traffic swamped Vaise the heart of this new equipment had a significant impact in improving the quality of life.

In 1998, the work of the street Marietton that will take center stage for the urban shedding West Lyon. Other operations anointed emerged to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood: the reconfiguration of Place Valmy, rue de Bourgogne, place Ferber, and most recently that of the Grande Rue de Vaise who with the street Marietton and rue Saint Pierre de Vaise are the city's hyper. All these works are going to make this borough one of Lyon's most economically dynamic locations with many service companies or new technologies.

A little history is necessary to put this part of Lyon, entry of travelers from the north and particularly in the capital Paris, which had, before the digging of tunnels de la Croix-Rousse then Fourviere no choice but along the Saône to the center of Lyon. The establishment of warehouses and industrial facilities have therefore long been a consequence of geographical location.

Later in time, this district has seen its Gallo-Roman period and remains as the treasure of Lyon-Vaise are visible at the Museum of Gallo-Roman Fourviere with a series of precious objects from the third century of the Roman Empire found in 1992 during rescue excavations undertaken in the remains of a Gallo-Roman villa near the Saône. More precisely dated according to the currencies involved, the treasure was buried after 258 in fear of barbarian raids, perhaps during the raid of 259.

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